DIY Lantern

This is a really simple, quick craft that anyone can do, (Even my 3 year old who was 2 ½ at the time made them at a class she attended) However, these lanterns can really brighten up the space and add a very nice décor element.

I love using double sided paper since both sides of the paper show up with this project. For my lantern, I have decided to use a sheet of paper that is 12 X 12. However, you can really use any size you like.


Decorations – stickers, glitter, embellishments


Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Cut a 1” strip off your piece of paper. If you are using a piece of paper that has different dimensions cut the 1” off the short end of the paper. This can be used later for the handle. (If you prefer you can use a strip of another piece of paper or ribbon, pipe cleaner etc for the handle.) I will be using a 1” strip of paper from another piece of paper.
    Cut a strip to use for the handle... or use a different material

    Cut a strip to use for the handle… or use a different material

  2. Fold your piece of paper in half. Then with the folded edge closest to you, draw a 1” line across the top of your paper (you will stop cutting when you meet this cut line with your scissors). Now measure 1” wide lines across your paper (folded edge closest to you) and draw the lines with your ruler.
    Draw the 'cut line' and multiple 1" lines across

    Draw the ‘cut line’ and multiple 1″ lines across

  3. With your scissors, cut the lines you just drew up to the top cut line. Unfold your paper. If the pencil marks bother you, one can hide any pencil marks by turning the paper to the other side. (Tip: Mark the side that will be in the inside of the lantern)
    Cut the paper up to the 'cut line'

    Cut the paper up to the ‘cut line’

  4. Now adhere the paper together with the cut lines vertical making a cylinder
    Glue paper together along the edge

    Glue paper together along the edge

  5. Attach the handle. Add any additional decorations if you like. Congratulations you have made a lantern!!!
    Congratulations you have made a lantern :)

    Congratulations you have made a lantern 🙂

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